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Team Elite Pre Academy is the first stage of our Three-Tier Performance Pathway. Weekly coaching sessions for players of all abilities in the Under 7s & 8s age groups are on offer. 
Coaching that is professionally focused and structured aims to develop young players who are skilful, creative & confident. 
The coaching enables players to grow in stature, building upon our philosophy of being comfortable in possession. 
Sessions concentrate on ball mastery, first touch, passing, 1 v 1 moves, speed & agility along with finishing. These are developed through repetition and focused practice. Use of small-sided games maximise touches and encourage correct decision making for every game-related situation. 
Our Pre-Academy Coaches share a passion for the game that transfers to players. Encouragement to play without fear and responsibility to problem solve are at the heart of these sessions. 
Our Pre-Academy is split into age groups, where increased numbers allow for Development and Advanced groups at each age. Players who excel in their age group move up an age, further enhancing their individual development.


Players who show exceptional talent will be recommended to scouts through our Pro Club Academy Pathway programme.